Poverty, Poor, & then Fashion..

During the past week we read an article over fashion and sustainability. When I read in the article that they say the definition of fashion is “transient, superficial and often rather wasteful”, I find myself being a little butt hurt by this. When I look at fashion I see creativity and something new at all times. I have never looked at fashion as something that is related to sustainability or something that affects the environment, but as I continued to read on the in the article I became frustrated that it started to make sense to me why it can be a problem. One of the cons that stuck out most to me is when is comes to human welfare and the environment. We forget to make these things a priority to maximize our profit and growth. In class we discussed how there are over and under consumers and when it comes to fashion in this aspect I find that most people are over consumers. In fashion we are always wanting more and something new, and while that is something that I truly love about it this is also what is “an impediment to sustainability”.

As I read the No side for my argument he blames degradation on poor governance. I feel this can be true, also the fact that those people that are classified as poverty or poor are somewhat part of the cycle of life is terrible, but what I believe to keep everything going. One of the ideas of making the lives of the poor and poverty that stood out to me is providing  a way to help them keep their assets or a place to live by making cash payments for insurance. It would help them keep the things they have and be more stable to help themselves out and the environment.

With all the things we discussed I can not help but think there are always ways to fix all the problems we are facing in the world. Such as with degradation, poverty and sustainability, but will we really do anything to fix them other than just discuss them? Are we really doing all we can do fix the issues or are we just throwing out some ideas? Will changes ever be made?

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