sustainability and fashion

This week we got to learn about fashion and sustainability and how they correlate with each other. Fashion is always coming up with something new all the time. I read that sustainability requires a drastic reduction in our ecological footprint, and increasing a products useful life has been regularly advocated as a way of contributing to this goal. Fashion is a passing trend or fad-something transient, superficial and often rather wasteful. I never really thought of fashion in this way and how it is wasteful. I always thought of fashion in such a positive way and how it didn’t hurt the environment in any way.

On Thursday we had a debate over poverty if it is responsible for global environmental degradation or not. I was on the “yes” team and my side talked about how poverty was the reason for environmental degradation. Poverty is defined in terms of vulnerability and deprivation. Causes of poverty can be found in 4 levels; the levels are international level, national level, meso-level markets, and micro level poverty. I found out that people are measuring poverty with people’s income. Poverty is known as a result and cause of environmental degradation.

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