Sustainability Directly Correlating to Fashion

The issue of environmental degradation and sustainability directly related to the fashion industry are two issues that are constantly on my mind and worry me about my future career. I was hesitant for a while on whether to continue my track in the apparel world because of the massive amounts of waste and environmentally unstable activities that are carried out by the industry. But, after thinking about the subject for a while I came to the conclusion that even if there are these detrimental issues, that I can go into the industry set to change the damaging tactics and be the change needed in the industry rather than perpetuate the damage to the earth and its people.


Aesthetic adolescence is an issue that I have been trying to curb from my side with attempting to buy more classic silhouettes and keep clothes for longer. While I am attempting to make these changes, other people are unaware of the issue of waste with fashion. The constant reworking of styles and “out dating” fashions as quickly as month by month is a major contributor to the waste of the industry. This all makes me think what can be done to make fashion environmentally savvy, while not damaging the business?


This brings me to the notion mentioned by a scientist and industry expert that fashion can be the key or catapult to a more sustainable future. It is very industry to learn that the second most damaging industry to the environment can always contribute to the change in the largest way which gives me hope. Now the issue is how to get fashion to be the catapult to a sustainable future? With the industry affecting everyone due to the need for clothes, that leaves a massive amount of possibilities. One of the major initiatives to take is educating the public about the issues and what buying a certain garment may mean to the environment. There should also be further incentives for businesses to go green, all of this may sound simple but will take years to become mainstream. This is what I hope to do with my degree and to further the good that the fashion industry can bring through lessening the environmental issues.

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