Sustainability, how do we achieve it?

In class this last week be discussed different areas involving sustainability. When it comes to fashion we think of sustainability being projects being good quality and will last a long time. The discussion about fashion and sustainability was around the fact of fashion constantly changing. Trends come and go. Having products that will only be in style for a short amount of time but be able to last years is causing major problems involving landfill issues. We need to be making products that will last a short period of time that are up to date with the new trends that are popping up. Fashion will always be fashion. Having our own designs, creativity, and originality. We just need to be designing towards sustainability. Whether that be making short-lived products or reusing and recycling older designs, leading to a more sustainable future in the fashion world.


For me, regarding fashion, learning about how I will be able to contribute to the environment through my career is very interesting. I thought about doing a business one day similar to what companies like TOMS does, helping other countries. As I have gone to every class I continue to grow in understanding about issues in the world and how me, a soon to be fashion designer, will be able to make a real difference. There are so many more opportunities involving fashion for me to help the environment. From reusing textiles to create different garments, or making pieces that will only last a certain amount of time, donation of clothing to those in need, and so much more. Going into Apparel design I knew I wanted to use my degree to help others, now I have learned and continue to, that I can help others and the environment.


Going into another area of sustainability, there is another wicked problem with developing countries and environmental degradation. I was on the “yes” team for this reading. The general analysis of this reading was with developing countries over using natural resources, because that in their source of income. With this comes environmental degradation, due to lack of resources and an increase in pollution from factories. This was another topic of discussion. Factories and thermal plants burn coal causing pollution, and in areas with major environmental degradation, such as China and other countries with many industrial factories, it is causing a shift in temperature. On top of ruining the environment, these lower-class areas aren’t growing financially and will continue to make a decline overall. We need to be helping them personally, with the end result not using so many natural resources, which will improve the environment immensely.


For me personally I agree with these readings. I believe there is so much more we could be doing to make a change to have a more sustainable future. From designing clothes differently, to helping people out of poverty, we need to be using less of the earth and star putting more back in. There is that idea that the earth will balance everything out, and with all the floods and hurricanes happening and makes me wonder if that is actually happening. For me as an individual, and the world as a whole, there is a lot we could be doing. Whether educating others on global warming and the environment all together, or taking action for ourselves to improve this planet we call home. We will either continue to decline, but for me I want to continue to learn. To know how I can have a role in all this. I want to strive for a better environment and a future here on this planet.

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