The Future of Sustainability

This past week’s class material seem to be very involved in the future. In Tom Lombardo’s article about thinking ahead, we read about self-narratives and the value they have. I learned it is important to think back on your past, present, and think ahead to your future. I enjoyed learning and discovering the importance of self-narratives in class as well.

When we did the meditation exercise, I was a little hesitant at first because I didn’t want to be the only one closing my eyes and focusing on the meditation! Once I relaxed more, I began to really enjoy it. I rarely ever take time to just relax my mind especially during a busy school-filled week. It was an interesting meditation because we were basically being lead to envision what our future would look like in 20 years. This was something I’ve never actually thought about in detail, so I really enjoyed thinking of all the small details of my future, like what my work environment looked like and what I did for fun. This meditation exercise really showcased the importance of thinking ahead like Lombardo’s article speaks about! I would love if we meditated in class more often. It was very enjoyable for me.

We also read an article about how a cartoonist envisions the future through his drawing. This was actually an interesting read. It was amazing how someone like an artist used his talents to invent and imagine some serious and some whimsical products that could be apart of the future. I enjoyed reading about his thought process and why he does what he does. Most of his illustrations are silly, fun ideas about inventions that the artist made up in his imagination, but some of his work is more serious. It is refreshing to hear how he began to use his talents to cover somewhat serious subject matter, like poverty or oil drilling. Even if you have a career that is completely unrelated to sustainability, you can still find some way to help bring awareness to the future of sustainability. That is exactly what Steven Johnson does!

On Thursday, most of our readings and discussion was centered around biomimicry. This is a topic I feel more familiar with because we spoke about this in the problem solving class. It is so interesting to hear about all of the different ways nature can inspire design and other things in our world. The possibilities are endless with the way designers and so many others can use aspects and concepts from not only animals, but nature as well, to make products more sustainable. The designer we were shown in class, Ying Gao, was very interesting. Her designs were very unique and funky, but they became even more amazing when I read about how she used biomimicry to transform them.

Overall, I felt like I learned a lot this week. Each week of this class I feel myself becoming a little bit more interested in sustainability and the ideas surrounding it.

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