Using more than we need

I have never given too much thought on the things that i own. I always was able to get new things and never thought twice about it. Yes, of course i was grateful for the things that were given to me but i didn’t really think about how other people didn’t have the same amount of blessings that i did. I always loved having the new new and walking around school during the new year wearing my new things and not my old things. It really got me thinking on Thursday about the other people who may not have the means to get the same stuff that i can. Now that I’ve gotten older i don’t care nearly as much as i used to but i still feel so blessed with what i have. We have so much and we just waste it. Most of us don’t think about the things we have and how much they truly cost for us and for other people. Learning about the resources that are used to make all of our products too was crazy. It made me think about how much we are wasting and how much we are using these resources that we need and overuse. All these products we have too, are wasted. We just throw them away without thinking anything of it. I personally have gotten into donating my things that i don’t use/wear in the past few years but when i was younger i couldn’t of cared less i would just throw old things away when so many other people could’ve benefited from them. This lesson truly made me think twice about things that i’m going to buy or get rid of and i hope this speaks to other people too.

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