Using Past My Needs

From a young age I have always been very materialistic in sorts of always keeping up with the latest styles and being so into fashion. I would and still do shop at least once a week if not more. I rarely get rid of my articles of clothing, accessories, or shoes because I feel that once I do, I need it. In middle school era to fit in you had to be up to date. You always had to have the latest miss me or Abercrombie clothing. Whatever it was I had it regardless of if I liked it a lot. I always knew who I was and what I wanted to wear but I did not want to be “that person” because of the way kids were at my school and the time period. The older that I have gotten I love to shoot at thrift stores or vintage stores. I always find such great pieces of clothing that fits into my wardrobe. I look at it now as a way of reusing what is already out there. Rather than spending 40-60 dollars on a shirt, I can get it for 2-5 dollars.

I have never really paid attention to sustainability in fashion because I am always on the lookout for new fashion. When we were reading the articles it put the fashion industry almost to shame to how much material is being wasted on clothing that will be in one minute and out the next. It kind of bothered me to think that so much of these resources that are being put into the industry are being worn a hand full of times sometimes less and then thrown away. I never really focused on the idea that what I am doing as well as many others is hurting the environment, even if it is the smallest amount. Clothing is being produced, bought, and wasted every day. I personally do not know how to solve the problem, but I am very interested in learning about new sustainable practices so the clothing we buy and get rid of within a couple of months can be recycled and put to good use.

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