Waste and the Environment

This week, one of the things we discussed was sustainability in fashion. The fashion industry is incredibly wasteful as it focuses on trends and fads and such. What is “in style” one week is “out of style” by the next. Most people want to follow all the trends, fit in, and have the best clothes. Instead of focusing on product longevity, people are too focused on the materialistic aspects. Trends quickly become obsolete and people are rushing to buy the next big thing. The clothing that was trendy previously is no longer “fashionable” and becomes waste in most cases. I, personally, have had little to no concern with trends. I usually wear things until they are totally worn out. I haven’t ever had a lot of money to go out and buy new things simply because I wanted them, but I am guilty of the wanting of new things. I am guilty of getting a bigger paycheck and spending the extra $30 on a new pair of sandals that I rarely end up wearing. If more people were less concerned with trends and more concerned with where the outdated styles end up, maybe we wouldn’t have such an issue. Materialism is too big of an issue and I think it could be a wicked problem of its own. Everyone always wants the newest car, phone, outfit, tv, etc. Everyone wants bigger and better and newer. I think the constant wanting for more is the greatest hindrance to sustainability.


The second thing we talked about is how poverty affects environmental degradation. I was on the “yes” side although I feel relatively opposed to the claim. In my opinion, the rich are more wasteful because they can throw away money on materialistic things without a care. I feel like the poor are more focused on making their things last because they cannot afford new things. The poor stretch every dollar and use things until they cannot be further used while the rich buy new things simply because they got bored with the old. Looking back at the issues with fashion, the rich are constantly buying incredibly expensive outfits each day. You never see them wear an outfit twice. Overall, I feel like the poor are not causing as much waste to the environment as the rich are.

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