Wicked Problems: Blog 3

This week what I found interesting was the struggle to decide whether or not the people in poverty were to blame for different environmental problems.  The article spoke of how when you do not have money you also do not have the resources to be sustainable but it also tried to condone big business because they are the ones putting the people in poverty.  The big companies aren’t the only problem. They are not the only ones that are using harmful pesticides when farm. The people in poverty are doing the same as the big companies because it’s what is affordable.  I don’t believe there is a difference between the two but rather the cost efficiency.  Yes as humans we cause a lot of harm and pollution to this Earth but a lot of it is because people are not aware of what they are doing or do you not think about the actions they are taking.  Even if you were able to pull some of these people out of poverty we would still need someone on bottom to keep on with our governmental going. Someone always has to be on the bottom because we are in America we do value winning but the reason we are the way we are is because this is the land of opportunity and it does not support those who are lazy.  If you want to be lazy you should go to a different country because you earn the same amount as everyone else and you will never get ahead in life.  I personally grew up in a very liberal state even though I am very Republican but what was very interesting that I learned growing up there was that I was very aware of the environment around me.  You don’t have to follow the exact Republican and liberal agenda that they put out for us. You can still care about the world around you and want to small government and the believe in big business and want everyone to have the same rights as you.  I don’t believe that anyone should feel sorry for themselves because your life is what you make of it because nothing is ever handed to you.  You shouldn’t push a political agenda but in order to help us lead healthier lives you should teach about the different pollution we are putting into our world.


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