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This week we began to really dig in and make connections on living sustainable. All the articles and TED talks were very beneficial to further my thoughts on what sustainability means.

In our learning community we discussed sustainable issues like recycling, pollution, and waste and how we thought they could best be solved. It would be ideal if the government decided to get involved like they do with everything else. They could pass laws or create restrictions on certain resources or products to help stop the destruction of the Earth. This potentially could the incentive to be sustainable.

A couple of articles that I found interesting this week were the Looking at the Future Through a Cartoonists Eyes and Abandoning Ship Titanistad. In the cartoonist article, I found it engaging to read about how a ‘futurist’ could put his creative ideas into an art form. The artist Steven Johnson considers his sweet spot of his cartoons to be “clever-but-dumb”.  I found it quite ingenious to create futuristic ideas and depict them into a cartoons. The Titanistad article, I found to be awakening. Comparing Titanic to our environment along with really keys in on how our society thinks about sustainability as a whole.

I think that both self-narratives and paradigms have to do with how we view the world. Self-narrative being focused more on our decisions and our mindset about the world and paradigms a major collective view. It all comes down to what we value and believe based off of our life experiences. The iceberg diagram broke down this issues we face with world problems. The phrase “its just the tip of the iceberg” is not accurate when it comes to solving the underlying patterns that lead to the development of these issues, you have to acknowledge the whole thing.

The in class meditation was very relaxing, but I’m not sure how effective that it was for me considering I actually fell asleep for a part of it. I know that I would like to lead a sustainable lifestyle, but I can’t seem to quite in vision myself doing so.

I love talking about Biomimicry, and I love Janine Benyus. Biomimicry is the process of emulating nature. We can use biomimicry in a variety of way, some being by mimicking the color or shapes in nature or even by designing and producing things in the exact manner that an insect or animal would. As the species of man, we often work against nature or try to find alternative solutions. However, we should strive to work with nature because often times more than so, that is where we will find the solutions to our problems. Everything is here for a reason, even us, so why not use it to its fullest potential.

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Being a native of Texas, I have a passion for both design and people. I try to live my life to the fullest and walk by faith. Although often, I fall short of both of these task God's grace never fails me. I am blessed beyond belief with life and my beautiful little family.
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