Continuing on this Journey

This week’s lectures were somewhat interesting to me.  The thought of the tip of the iceberg can be intimidating.  We need to think in the way that we can change what is happening in the environment as opposed to the titanic thought that we all need to sink “first class”.  In the thinking ahead article the biggest take away to me was the thought that we need to use our imagination to envision possibilities of the future.  As we age we do not think as freely as we did when we were younger, because we do not want to be embarrassed by what other people will say about our thoughts.  I think that if we begin to think more freely we will be able to create new innovations.


During our learning communities, this week we discussed universal furniture.  This was a problem to us because the industry cannot provide universal furniture for our classroom.  While the catalyst is probably the university itself, students are greatly affected.  I think as a student I can be an advocator for furniture design that will be best for creating a learning environment that is effective and comfortable so that way students can focus on material being taught in the classroom.


The meditation part of class was interesting to me.  I felt as though I could take time and think about what the possibility of my future could be.  I think that being a sustainable person will only become easier as I get older and a creating a life that I can fully control. Biomimicry is something that I could see myself wanting to adapt to my lifestyle.  I think that the TED talk was very informative and learning how she was wanting to introduce nature into life was intriguing.  I think that if we begin to model life after some of the things in nature we can become a more sustainable population, in turn avoid extinction of the human race longer.


Helen Storey was interesting in wanting to combine technology and living things into fashion.  I did not think was something I would want to learn more about though, because I am not in the fashion world.  The living building challenge though, was interesting to me.  Creating a space that was sustainable to itself should be the progressive way of thoughts.  I think that we can create building, commercial or residential, that should be able to have little to no impact on the environment around it.  Even in the most urban areas we should be able to construct a space that will be positively impacting the way we are living in such a populated place.

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