Looking Forward

This week in class we really talked more about the solutions to multiple of the wicked problems we have talked about in class throughout the course. The article we read for this week really opened my eyes to all the problems going on that are deeper than I had ever imagined. It just seemed to show us that each problem keeps leading to more bigger problems and nobody is seeming to do anything major to fix it.

Watching the end of the 11th hour has also shown me how much damage we have done to the earth without even realizing it.The discussions in class this week have also shown how bad we are damaging the environment and how badly we need to change this before something catastrophic happens to the world. The videoed viewed different views on what they think could happen such as running out of resources and polluting the air and water which would ultimately lead to death among the planet.

Thinking about all this in class over the past month it has made me want to do something to make a change as well seeing as how bad the world is getting. Although I don’t know what major things I can do to help the world i know in my personal life I can make changes to help. For example, I could use less plastic waster bottles and reuse them to try to make less waste. I could also car pool more to use less gasoline, therefore not putting as many bad pollutants into the atmosphere. I believe that by me making small changes such as this into my life that it ill slowly start to make a difference if i got others to follow in my lead.

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