That’s it!!

Wow. Those four weeks flew by. As we progressed with meditation into a more interactive process, I found myself distracted with what was going on, and with what I might say. The idea of talking about super interesting and dynamic topics honestly made me nervous in the fact that I didn’t know exactly how I was going to respond to certain types of questions. As well as, I had not yet fully developed my opinion on the topics quite yet. As far as the conversations actually went, I felt as though I was able to quickly figure out the way I felt about sustainable market practices. I loved the ideas that both the yes and no side articles had, but I do think that a lot of them are easier said than truly applied.  A lot of the ideas they consisted of mandated that businesses get legally checked for overall “greenness” and while I truly believe that would be an incredible way to turn our industry around, it could very easily be manipulated. Take the car industry for example, all cars have to go through an emissions test to then be verified in order to hit the market, yet Volkswagen cheated these tests in order to get a specific model on the market quickly without needing to make adjustments. This was quickly found out and caused quite a few problems for them. While it was only a matter of time, it still happened and my fears are that this would happen in the building industry to try to save money and build quickly.

The second half of The 11th Hour really got my mind turning. What types of environmentally friendly solutions will we be capable of in the future? Biomimicry is the main one that caught my eye. The thought of being able to use the knowledge of how plants absorb sunlight and transform it into energy, and implement it into building design and processes truly blows my mind. That is something I hope to see in the future. If no one else does it, then who knows maybe I will. My hopes for the future have grown since taking this class. Not that I thought we were doomed, but my hopes for a more environmentally friendly process of design could actually be a reality in the near future and that is truly a feat in and of itself. I am beyond excited to take my new found knowledge from this class and bring it not only into career, but also into my everyday life.

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