Sad to See It End

Wow, I cannot believe this class is already over. I learned so much that will be useful to the career area that I am going into. Moving forward I will be able to pick out a wicked problem in the real world throughout my day. The idea that not many people believe in climate change is absurd to me. Climate change is real, and it is a wicked problem because you cannot just fix it one way all over the planet. Climate change is caused by many different things: greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, waste, and a lot of our industries. Throughout this class, we were presented many ways to move forward. In The 11th Hour talked about many of the ways the government, industries, and even as an individual in the world can attempt to fix the wicked problems. The 11th Hour said that industries could start having greener ways of producing their products, for example, the way the power in their factories could be changed to solar panels or wind power. As an individual, we can keep our tires at the right pressure…which I learned what that meant in class this past week. Who could have guessed! For those of you who don’t know, it allows you to not burn as much gas when your tire rotations are the right amount for your car.

Moving forward I need to focus on being more eco-friendly. Right now, I use multiple plastic water bottles a day, which is only adding to our excessive amount of waste. People need to buy more eco-friendly products when they go shopping, whether it is clothes or produce. Every little bit counts towards a greener future for our planet. I am in hopes that our future will be more green and have an environmentally friendly design process. I also learned that although I love yoga and meditation it was quite hard to not get distracted in the classroom. I hope to continue mindful practice as I move forward into other classes and onto my career in the future. Everything I have learned since week one in this class will go with me for the rest of what I do in my life.

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