some final thoughts…

Wow, I cannot believe that the course is already over!! Honestly, coming into the course, I didn’t want to be there or know what to expect. At the end of the course, looking back on what I have learned, researched, and heard, I think that the course was very valuable to my education here as an Interior designer. Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice opened my mind to new concepts and made me realize things that I have never heard about, nonetheless thought about, that take place in this world and our everyday lives.  I have had a little bit of trouble with the research project we have been assigned, for my topic is pretty broad and I am not sure where to begin while editing my paper. Keeping up with the work load in this class, while balancing all of my other classes, personal hygiene, and extra curricular activities was hard, but worth it in the end because of the knowledge I have gained from this course.

In the last week of Wicked Problems, we talked about problems, how they have direct drivers, and causes to those direct drivers, and how that process repeats itself, which is a wicked problem. We also discussed how the market and government transition to sustainability and how that process works out, who likes it more or less, which one works better, etc. Honestly, this past week in the course was my favorite because I felt like I had enough information to discuss the topic with the class and feel educated about it, and discussions went very well on my part, and class wide.

Because of this course, I am now able to recognize wicked problems in my everyday life, and I couldn’t tell you if that was a good or a bad thing, well, maybe a little bit of both. I have learned what a wicked problem is, what it’s drivers are, how it works, how solutions always will lead back to the problem, and how that it is wicked. It’s almost scary as to how much most people in this world don’t know about how we treat it, where its going, and how much time we have left here. I am glad that as a future professional, I have the knowledge and background of this, that way I can be most conscious as to what could happen if I was to participate in something, make and produce an object, the process of industrialization and sustainability, etc. The end of the 11th hour opened my eyes to something, that this earth will live on… forever… but that doesn’t mean that we will be here forever too, so we have to make a change now. Start promoting, start helping, start being sustainable and tell people about it, that way we can fix these stupid wicked problems that the human race has created ourselves.

Wicked Problems, you hurt my brain and confuse the heck out of me sometimes, but I sure am glad to have learned about you, because you must be super important if you had a course made over you, and I’m so glad I will be able to affect future decisions based on you. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn about what hurts our world, and how that could be fixed in the short future!!

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