Sustainability Will Never Come to an End

These past four weeks seem very surreal. I have completed my first month of college, I have moved five and a half hours away; I’m starting my “grown-up” life, and that thought is crazy. The weeks have flown by I remember walking into wicked problems for the first time and I left so confused because I did not know how I felt on environmental topics because I have never been forced to think about them. Now here I sit four weeks later with my sustainable knowledge in my brain yet still confused. When we had our yes, no discussions I could see a valid argument on both sides. I never felt 100% taken on the one hand because I could see the good and the bad of both, and I felt like I am wrong for feeling like that. I feel like I need to be fully invested to one side or another and I feel like there were people in the class that were more passionate and more educated on the topics than me so leaving class I still felt confused and would ask myself “why do I not feel like they do on environmental issues?” The truth being, I was one of those people living in a bubble and would always think oh that’s not going to happen to me so why do I need to be concerned with something going on halfway around the globe from me. That mindset I have learned is so horrible. Mother earth is the only home we have, and if we treat her poorly, she will eventually give out. Whether or not its during my lifetime or after I’ve passed I will still have an impact on the environment.


We finished the movie The 11th hour, and it gave “solutions” to wicked problems, but there really isn’t one particular solution that can fix climate change, or deforestation, or fossil fuel shortage. Those are just a few of the genuine and scary wicked problems we face in our day to day life. One solution to help counteract climate change in the US could significantly harm a country around the globe or even hurt another part of the US. I think we need to set regulations not by the state government but by local governments. They would be closer to the source and the first to be affected either positively or negatively if a change is made. The state government would be concerned with smaller towns in some cases, but in others, they would get swept under the rug and forgotten. Yes, people do get upset with the government having power over our decisions, but if there went certain types of rules put in place our lives would be a madhouse, so why aren’t there specific standards and regulations on our environment and how to fix the problems we’ve gotten ourselves into. I am going to miss this class and challenging my brain to think about things and ideas I used to never be concerned with, and now I will be more cautious of what I do in my everyday life that effects my carbon footprint. I will also continue to do mindfulness practice because I think it is essential to be in touch with yourself and your surroundings, and it improves your overall mental wellbeing which college is putting a strain on at the moment. Thank you for everything and challenging me to think outside my usual thought box.

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