Working Towards a Better Future

This was my last week in Wicked Problems and I’m actually sad to see the class go. Although, speaking up about these topics at 8:00 am was not exactly something I liked to do, I did enjoy learning about world issues I was not aware of. Before this class, I had heard of this dooming thing called “Global Warming” but I had no idea what in the world it meant or what it was actually doing to the earth.

Not only did I learn the definition of global warming, but I also learned that it significantly affects me, and my future profession as a designer. Through my time in the course I realized that we, as people are the cause of the earth’s destruction and in order to solve that we must come up with solutions.

So what solutions can we as designers, government officials, or citizens to fix this dooming problem? In the movie, “The 11th hour”, the filmmakers suggested we should “Redesign design itself”. Huh? Basically they suggested we should make a waste free industrial system that will reduce some, if not all, harm to the earth. In order to make an industrial system “waste free” we would need to make products reusable and water renewable.  Honestly, I think this is the best solution that we can come up with in order to work towards a better future. We could work towards a better future economically but also in a way that doesn’t harm the planet.

A few other solution filmmakers suggested is for the government to push toward energy efficient technology. Using energy efficient technology would reduce energy consumption which would reduce CO2 output, another global warming factor.  They also suggested that we should create incentives to move toward more energy efficient technology. Incentives such as reducing incomes taxes, taxes on gas, and paying for pollution. Again, this seems like a perfectly thought out and reasonable solution that could reduce the amount of  pollution on the planet.

The filmmakers of “The 11th hour” suggested several amazing ideas that can make a huge difference in our society if we decide to make a change. All it takes is a few designers to collaborate and begin creating a system for renewable water, and designing reusable products. However, in order to get the government on board, it will take a lot more convincing considering the financial side and the fear of change.

Finally, to move forward as an individual, I plan on making a few life changes. I’ve already lessened my use of plastic water bottles, I plan on walking on campus as much as possible, checking my tire pressure, recycling, and changing my light bulbs to fluorescent. These may not be “planet saving” changes but a little goes a long way, and the more people on board the better.

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