100% Aware, 100% Motivated

This week was wrapped up with a bang. In the readings I learned about many different solutions that can help decrease energy consumption in buildings. With finding out that the amount of energy we consume results in almost 70% of the cause of climate change, is truly mind blowing. But what also gets me is that if we were to simply change the energy consumed in just one area, it can slow down global warming greatly. The solutions that I read, I did not agree on 100%. LEED has many great incentives, that are very helpful, but it is missing something. Government, I believe, does not get to have responsibility over the solutions to this problem. The local people are the ones that know what’ll truly work in their area. With placing the responsibility in the locals’ hands, I can see change at the end of the tunnel.

I am constantly aware of what I do on a daily basis. Each decision I make I find myself asking myself “will this be useful, is it needed, and where did this come from? Sustainability in general has never been a huge aspect in my life, but within a short 4 weeks, my whole mindset has switched directions. I want to truly take this practice into not only my profession, but my everyday life throughout the rest of my life, which is what everyone should do. It is very important to do research and become aware of what all the issues are that causes the increase rate of climate change, because it is here and we are witnessing it on a daily basis. It has created some very destructive storms and has done damage to this planet and all the living species on it. Unfortunately, climate change cannot be reversed, it can only be slowed down. Our ability to adapt to change is very high, so we need to take action in order to allow us to adapt to climate change normally.

The one big take away I received from this class is that being fearful of the future will only hurt us if we do not do anything to create change. We need to brave, be creative, and face possible consequences that may come about from possible life changing solutions. I am very excited to continue research, mindfulness practice, and being passionate about the life we live on Earth. It is truly amazing all the Earth has to offer, and to think that we are only hurting it breaks my heart. I do not want to live to see the day where it could possibly be all destroyed, because of how beautiful and unique it is. In the future I look forward to not only seeing solutions come about but hopefully playing a part in creating solutions as well. I loved this class, and I feel confident that I have the knowledge to go and share the importance of sustainability and all other aspects covered in this class.

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