A Mindful Moment

My first four weeks at college have been eventful rushing through notes, being involved, studying, and meeting new people. Time has really flown by and sometimes I wonder if the college experience will go by so rapidly. During the early, Wicked Problems, class I learned to focus on the present rather than past or future. Throughout my first week of college I was overwhelmed and hoped the four years would hurry up, but now I realize how important is to enjoy the present. Through the ten minutes of brief meditation, I could calm my mind and focus on how I felt. Realizing what is most important to me is the most important lesson I will walk out of class with. I must first know what a value and believe in, thereafter I will be able to make decisions that will benefit me, others, and the environment.

The past eight class periods have provided me with a vast amount of information. I was introduced to some of the wicked problems this world faces. Climate change, fashion and sustainability, paradigms are only a few of the many issues that revolve within the design industry. It is strange to think at some point in the future I will have to make decisions and cooperate to reach some sort of agreement for a wicked problem. I will have the opportunity to work with others to create spaces that will help the environment. I believe by humans working together a sustainable future may be achieved; after all, humans have created amazing technologies and we have obtained vast amount of knowledge. With the knowledge, beliefs, and values individuals hold creating a better environment may be possible. The task to change the unhealthy habits we have will not be immediate and it may take a some years, but small steps can lead to an outstanding outcome.

Interior design waits for me with a handful of wicked problems. I will be part of a profession who can design commercial or residential areas with eco-friendly technology. I will have the opportunity to expose clients to options of design that will benefit and improve the environment he or she will live, shop, or work in. I still have a lot to learn while at college and afterwards in the work field. I will aim to make better choices regarding the components of a design in the future with the help of colleagues.

But for now, what can I do? I can change my habit of purchasing objects out of impulse, recycle, and expand my knowledge of sustainability. These little acts will not only help me become more aware, but may also serve an example to friends and family. If I begin to develop a more sustainable mentally at my current age it will eventually become a habit. The new habit will hopefully help me in the future when I design a new project. Being involved at this age will allow me to witness how a sustainable community.

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