Blog #3

Blog #3

Madeline Manning

These past two lectures have been interesting because we have been able to tie sustainability into many sectors of our world, not just how our planet will die soon. There is so much that goes into our environment and why we are struggling so much. I like the opportunities we have to teach our peers and work with them in groups. I liked the group quiz because we were able to compete with other groups.

We attempt to create this silk fiber that creates loads of waste and pollution, when a spider can do just the same with its body. We need to learn to make products the way that nature does. He believes to make these changes we need follow these particular pointers, radical increases in resource efficiency, create linear to closed loops and change the economy from fossil fuel based to solar. He believes that Biomimicry is the solution to these issues that we are facing; we must follow the biological clues that are given to use to make these changes. The number of possibilities continues to increase; we could transform this waste problem into a large opportunity.

  1. Remain in balance with the biosphere: We are in closed system so whatever is removed from our system is always put back, but not always in a positive way. Our system is emitting more carbon into the atmosphere than the plants are able to absorb. In environment natural resources are continually reused, but in the industrial world resources are not used in this type of cycle.
  2. Shop Locally: Products that are made and sold locally help the environment in so many ways. If we shop locally we are able to help our economy and environment and we are able to see the difference that we are making. This idea conserves resources and energy and allows the community to showcase its talent.
  3. Use Waste as Resource: Along with our biosphere reusing our waste is a closed loop. The producers, consumers and decomposers all work together in a system to make this happen. A great example of a closed loop is the forest, it decomposes and reincarnates everything.

I have always wanted to use a compost bin, I feel like this is one way I could reuse my waste. Especially within the fashion industry companies need to find new ways to not emit as much carbon into the atmosphere. Here in Stillwater I make it a point to shop at the local stores to help our community. In the article written over industrial ecology it states they are too worries about customer’s needs rather than the long-term effects on the environment. The manufacturing process and design process are isolated. People often forget where the product ends up after usage.

I learned a lot from my peers teaching me, they offered a different perspective as opposed to the article. It was interesting to hear their insight.

Currently I am an avid recycler, I know my habits are not perfect, but I am working on them. At my house we recycle approximately 90% of the materials that are recyclable, we need to get better at finding ways to recycle, not only in the recycling bin. My biggest challenge is making sure I recycle outside of home along with keeping my roommates in check with their recycling habits. I will admit I do shop and purchase items way more than is necessary.

I think that being locally attuned and responsive is an important life principle. I find it very important to shop locally and be aware of the community around you. Living in the small town of the Stillwater we rely on these local businesses to keep Stillwater as unique and special as possible. Supporting these local businesses means that you giving back to your community as they doing their part as well. The idea of cultivating cooperative relationships directly refers to supporting local businesses and farmers markets. Another important life principle is evolving to survive. This means changing the way one is living to better fit their needs. One must continue to use strategies that are working for them to continue growth and prosperity. One may have to rework given information in order to best meet their needs. The last most important life principle is integrating development and growth. It is very important to starting from the bottom and to grow exponentially. One must start from the bottom and build their way up to the top. All three of these principles are vital for growth and sustainability as human beings on this earth.

Our group decided to create our store display with old pieces of furniture and items, we will use these items in ways that they were not originally used for. For example we will take an old bathtub, cut it in half and upholster cushions and create a couch. The actual products that we will sell will be 100% recycled material; the recycled furniture will contribute to our theme.

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