Blog 3

I never realized there was so much to sustainability. The reading we read last week included a lot of information about sustainable strategies. One of the strategies I could relate to was Diversifying and cooperating. This strategy is about the more pathways opened for reusing waste, the less waste there will be. I can relate to this because sometimes I go to places and am going to throw out a soda can or something and that place doesn’t have any options for recycling. So, its hard to practice being sustainable and recycling when some places just don’t have it. Another strategy I liked was use materials sparingly. I feel that if everyone practiced this strategy that overall it would reduce sustainability a good amount. The last strategy I found interesting was Running on information. This was about that breakdowns occur when we ignore the feedback coming from the natural world. I’ve heard that that climate change may be linked to these bad storms and hurricanes we’ve been getting. Then I’ve learned that If we reduced burning fossil fuels and chopping down forests (which causes temperatures to rise) than global warming could possibly be reduced.

The life principle I like the most is being resource efficient. I like this one the most because I feel its simple changes that everyone can make in their everyday lives. It mainly includes using low-energy processing, recycle all materials, and using multi-functional designs. My family back home is very big on recycling. Since I’ve moved to college I honestly haven’t paid attention or tried that hard to recycle, but after continuously learning about sustainability throughout this class I’ve learned that every little bit helps so I am going to change my ways and start being more resource efficient here at school also.

I really liked the C2C lecture we had in class. I believe many more if not all products should be designed to function efficiently and also be broken down and every part of it can be upcycled.

Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk was one of the TED talks I’ve enjoyed most. It was about how biomimicry can be used for new methods for architects. He talked about some of the ways we could use nature for architecture and my favorite was getting energy from the sun. He made a very good point that we will never run out of sunlight and that we must use that instead of using the things that are harming the world.

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