Blog 3

Blog 3- Sustainable Design

I really enjoyed learning about biomimicry and industrial ecology. I was fortunate enough to visit the Earth-ship community in Taos, NM this summer, they use IE principles. They use locally sourced waste from around the area to build to build sustainable housing. They use renewable energy in their home, such as solar and wind energy. The houses there were built into the ground usually on one side, which helps regulate the temperature. These houses have exterior walls that are made from old used tires, tires are something that very hard on our environment to dispose of. So being able to use them for exterior walls is awesome and it is very sustainable.

In nature only renewable sources of energy are used such as, sunlight, wind, water and biodiesel. We need to work on living like this more “work smarter, not harder”. It’s shocking but 85% of our manufactured products become waster quickly after sale. This class has been an even bigger eye-opener for me, I didn’t have a clue to how bad it really is. We really need to work on using things more sparingly and finding other uses for thing that are considered “trash”.

Michael Pawlyn’s Ted talk was for informative and a real eye-opener. A spider can make 6 different types of silk, and a beetle can detect a fire from 80 km away. Nature can do everything that we need in this world, we need to look to nature for the answer. He talked about the radical increase in green houses, they are pressurized and maximize with the hexagon shape. Waste for one thing become nutrients for another living thing. They use used horse bedding for compost, everything has a purpose all the way thru its life cycle. Having a restaurant in a greenhouse that could all be used as natural possibilities. Waste grains from used coffee to grow mushrooms, using wastewater to create freshwater.

Using waste as a resource is an ideal move for us, we need to use what we already have. We need to have more recycling loops to keep it from collapsing. We need to practice having a no waste economy, instead of using raw virgin materials we need to utilize what we already have at hand. Gathering and using energy efficiently, we could learn a lot about this from plants.  We too should use an external, renewable source of energy, specifically current sunlight solar, wind, tidal, and biodiesel forms of power all rely on current sunlight. Using materials sparingly, we love to have all the new things. This generation uses everything to the max it may be the, dishwasher, washer, computer, TV this list could go for days.  Extending a products life cycle and using it less would help us out in the long run.

My current recycling isn’t ideal, I need to work on this a lot. I don’t recycle we live in a rural area and recycling bins aren’t as accessible as they are in bigger cities. I need to make a point to separate my trash and recycle the things that can be recycled. I usually only run the washer and drier on Sundays that’s the day I do laundry. If it is just Cody and I at home we usually don’t have a lot of dishes so I do them by hand and I don’t run the dishwasher that way.

Evolve to survive, is something that caught my eye. We need to be changing and adapting to things that work and that help our environment. Things are constantly changing and they are coming up with ways that are more sustainable, some individuals don’t like change. We need to be more open to change and do things that help us. C2C products that function efficiently and later can be broke down and used elsewhere. This would cut down on waste in our landfills if products could be upcycled and repurposed. There isn’t a lot of stuff on the market like that, we need to educate people on what we are doing to the environment.

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