Blog 3

Sustainability was very interesting to me this last week. I really enjoyed learning in the Benyus reading about how the whole globe is in our backyard. We can grow our own food in our backyard and make it so our land learns to grow other fruits and vegetables there. This would make our food healthier for us as well as save our planets natural resources. We would not have to import fruits or vegetables into the US so we would not us gas or oil. I loved the group that spoke on Stella McCartney. I love Stella McCartney’s clothes. I went to one of her stores in London this summer and I was amazed by it. One of the employees there was telling us about how she didn’t us real fur for her clothing. I thought that was amazing that she didn’t us real fur from animals. I came back more interested in her store than ever because I love animals and don’t like it when companies use their fur for clothes. Then when one of the groups in class talked about her and how sustainable her brand was that got me even more excited to do more research on her brand. I read an article recently about Stella McCartney and how she was one of the first brands to be sustainable. Stella recycles all of her textiles, uses windmills to power her stores, and she uses organic cotton. She even made a biodegradable pare of sunglass. How cool is that! I don’t recycle that much. I only recycle my plastic bottles when I am on campus because they have a place for me to put them in. I don’t have a place to recycle my plastic bottles or other resources at home either. My mom and I were talking about that recently and we both said we would like to get a recycling ben and do that. I would also love to get a recycling ben in my apartment so that I can recycle at my apartment too. I need to learn to reuse things like fabric. Instead of throwing out my shirts with holes in them I could use them as a rag or I could make a dress out of the fabric. I don’t waste that much energy. I pay my electricity bill and that’s expensive. I try to use natural light during the day from my window and keep my lights turned off unless I need them on. I need to learn to take shorter showers. I tend to waste a lot of water. I have been trying to set a timer so that I don’t take a long shower. I don’t go to the store except for groceries and I take my plastic bags back to Wal-Mart because if you do that they will recycle them and use them again. I really liked the Be Resourceful life principle. Like I said before I am trying to be more conservative of my resources like water and energy. I really want to get a recycling ben at my apartment so I can recycle. I believe that this life principle is one of the most important principles because it’s something that we all need to work on. I learned from C2C about how we should be finding ways to use materials again and again after we are through with them. We should be reusing old clothes and making them into a rag doll or a new dress instead of throwing them away. For me I would love to get some of my dad’s old t-shirts that have holes in them and make them into braided bracelets or even a dress for my little cousin. It’s a great way to save our environment and it’s a fun craft to do and I love crafting! I can’t remember what our activity was. I just don’t remember it. Michael Pawlyn’s Ted Talk really made me think about all of the things we could do with Biomimicry in our world today. We could use it to help us build our building, design clothing, design our cars, and so on. It would change the way that we do things. It would change our world and it would make our world more beautiful because we would be designing our world the natural way.

By: Hayley Taylor

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