Blog 3

I learned a lot from this past week’s lectures. I enjoyed learning about the principles of C2C, industrial ecology, and closing the loop when it comes to use of resources and waste. Each week that goes by, I learn more about how I can better myself and my everyday lifestyle habit to help benefit the world and create a more sustainable environment to live within.

What I enjoyed most from learning about industrial ecology, is how it imitates nature to create unique and competitive, sustainable designs that will last for a long time. I enjoyed Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk and how he described the fact that we could benefit exponentially by making designs that mimic nature. It was an interesting concept to me, to think of how mother nature handles everything in it’s own way and how many answers to problems we think we need harsh chemicals when those issues could be solved naturally if we took the time to observe instead of rush to extreme and unsustainable practices.

What I found most interesting in the Closing the Loops in Commerce reading was when Benyus described the idea of gathering and using energy efficiently. This concept made me think the most about my lifestyle and how much energy I use in a day.  I feel that as consumers, keeping track of the energy you are using and for what, is something we have a lot of control over and do not always realize.  Acknowledging the power that we have as consumers and how we choose to obtain our resources and use them in a sustainable manner will make a lasting difference on our environment as a whole.

How I have recently began living a more sustainable lifestyle, is by selling my old clothing and using the money I gain from selling those clothes to buy new clothes.  I also have been limiting my shopping, by realizing that I do not need a bunch of clothes that I will only wear a few times.  To fix this problem, I have focused on shopping for staple pieces that I know I will wear a sufficient amount of times.  Learning about all of the individual ways to becoming more sustainable is inspiring and makes me have high hopes for our environment’s future.

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