Blog 3

After week 4, I have become very aware of my daily actions. I think about the products that I am buying or the items I am using and how they are affecting the earth. I also started to think more into my future and the fashion industry and how it relates to sustainability. The fashion industry is overall not very sustainable which I can see both sides to. Fashion is rapidly changing and I do like to stay caught up with the current fashion trends which I had never realized how unsustainable that is. After watching Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk I realized how many things we could be doing to make the fashion industry more sustainable. I had never thought about how nature could be used in design which creates a more sustainable environment. If we did this in not only structures like the ones from the TED talk but in many other inventions and designs, then it would be a lot more sustainable than the products we are using now. Michael Pawlyn also talks about closing the gap or the loop which also came up in a couple other topics this week. This topic was new to me but I could see it helping our future and saving our resources.

I liked the activity that we did in class because I enjoyed hearing other people share their ideas. My learning community talked about the subject of shopping locally which I agree strongly with. I think that shopping locally and supporting your community is always better than going to a corporate location. Whether its going to the farmers market or the local clothing boutique, I think that it helps the community way more. I worked at a local clothing store for almost 2 years and I fell in love with the local community scene in Oklahoma City. It was so cool to see all of the local places supporting each other and giving back to the community. Not only is It more sustainable but it also puts so much more into the community.

I have been thinking a lot more about my recycling practices. I try to shop local as much as I can which I think is an important part of my sustainability practice. I live in a house with five other girls so we typically have a lot of waste. However, we have been so much better at recycling this year. We have two trash cans in our kitchen so we converted one of these to recycling this year. I have grown up in a house that recycles but living on my own I realized that I recycled more when it is convenient. College students are very busy so I think it is important for sustainable practices to also be convenient.

The life principle that stood out to me the most was to mimic natures process. I usually use natural light in my house instead of electricity during the day but since it comes naturally to me I never thought about how much energy it saves. If we used natural light like plants do, we could dramatically decrease our carbon footprint.

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