Blog 3

Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk

This past week’s lectures were centered around industrial ecology. Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk introduced us to the idea of industrial ecology. Industrial ecology is how to use nature and biology for architecture. Pawlyn’s TED talk was much like Jenine Benyus’s biomimicry TED talk. I always enjoy hearing new and creative ways to design because it makes my mind begin to picture how the world could change incredibly for the better during my life time.

Industrial Ecology & Closing The Loops in Commerce (3 tenets)

They say, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.” From this we can utilize waste as a resource. Instead of immediately throwing something away after you think it’s value is gone, look at it from another angle and find another use for it. There are so many times I stop myself from throwing something out because I get on Pinterest and find another use for the object. Shopping locally is something I love to do. I feel like with shopping locally you are better off having an article of clothing that no one else is likely to have. We can also use shopping locally with farmers markets/trade days. In my hometown, we have a day called “Arts Fest” which is solely dedicated to local artist/craftsmen/producers. Using materials sparingly is something I try to do in my everyday life. If I’m not in a room, or the sun is out, most always my lights are turned off. I unplug appliances if I’m not using them. I try to drive as little as possible so that I don’t add more waste to the environment.

Current Sustainable Practices

As stated above, I try to eliminate the use of electricity as much as possible and take the bus or walk to class since I live very close to campus. I also try to hand wash my dishes as much as possible to cut back on using unnecessary amounts of electricity and water.

Life Principles

I enjoyed the principle “adapt to changing conditions” the most. It is important to the human race to adapt to our current conditions. With natural disasters occurring more and more frequently, we must learn how to adapt to be better to the Earth to keep these disasters from happening.

Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to cradle is using a product from start to finish, then finding new ways to recycle or repurpose the item. I have always tried to use the cradle to cradle method as I said before when I try to look at an object differently and find a new purpose for it.

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