Blog 3

This week I learned a lot of new things about sustainability. I really enjoyed reading “Industrial Ecology” and “Closing the loops in commerce.” What I learned from Industrial Ecology is that every industry is connected to many other parts, and what each industry does effects the other parts. I can relate this to my industry by saying for example, a manufacturer and a supplier. What the manufacturer does can influence the supplier. We need to start being more aware of our actions that affect our planet. The three lessons that I liked best from Closing the loops in commerce would be optimize rather than maximize, use materials sparingly, and shop locally. I optimize rather than maximize on a weekly basis. Whether I’m at work or at home, I try to use what I have rather than using or buying more. I use materials sparingly by conserving the energy and water in my house. I shop locally constantly. I work for a local boutique, and love supporting our community.


I do not currently recycle at my house. I try to recycle when I am on the school campus, when I see the bins that say recycle. I would really like to try and start recycling, because I think it is an important thing. I reuse many things. Whether it is old clothes or old furniture, I like to find a new purpose for old things. I try to conserve energy at home by turning off my lights when I leave a room, or washing my laundry in cold water. As for my buying, I do not pay attention whether the item has been recycled or not. If it says it on a label I notice it, but I do not do much research about sustainable clothing companies.


I like the Life Principle “Be locally attuned and responsible”. I think it is important to care about your local environment and economy. Being aware of your surroundings, and what you could personally do to help is an important thing. Shopping and sourcing locally is a great way to help. I love to shop local and eat at local restaurants.


I learned a lot from the C2C activity. Reusing and recycling is a huge aspect of the apparel industry. More and more companies are trying to be more conservative and resourceful. The materials and dyes of a fabric determine if it is biodegradable or compostable. These are all important things I need to consider when working in the apparel industry. Hopefully the apparel industry will change for the better in the future and be more sustainable.

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