Blog 3

Week 4 lectures were great. The Industrial Ecology lecture was nice to break down each tenet and to have our classmates teach a section was awesome for everyone to hear others thoughts. The lecture when we took the quiz, I felt was a little chaotic with everyone trying to answer but I felt like it was a good way to review what we had just listened to.

Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk was very interesting. It obviously had similarities to Janine Benyus’ TED talk because both are related to biomimicry. The greenhouse structure that they had created was incredible. The whole idea of biomimicry is incredible to me. I think if everyone attempted to try to solve their problems then we could definitely solve some of our pollution problems and I think the Earth would be a healthier planet.

The three tenets I was most interested in was gathering and using energy efficiently, shop locally, and to not draw down resources. Using energy efficiently I feel like could be one of the easier one’s that everyone can get better about. Shopping locally would be another relatively easy one to start in your everyday life. Shopping locally is rewarding to me and is something that I have started to do with clothing because I interned over the summer at a local business in Oklahoma City and I have seen how important it is to support the local community. Not drawing down resources is something everyone as an individual needs to get better about as well as big businesses. We cannot keep using up nonrenewable resources and not have a backup plan because one day those resources are going to be gone and we will have to use something else.

Learning more about sustainability and learning about industrial ecology this past week has made me want to be more conscious of what I am doing. I am way better at recycling when I am here on campus. At home, my family does not recycle because there is not a recycling center close to us and we cannot get recycling bins in our area. On campus I always recycle my water bottles and paper that I would normally throw away. I also am more aware of my buying habits. I use to go shopping a lot and buy things that I honestly did not need. I started to stop that at the beginning of my Junior year last year. I became more aware about fashion waste and I did not want to contribute more than I already did. I just decided to really think about my “wants” and “needs” and figured out that most of what I was buying was more “wants” and not at all practical. Fashion was the main area where I overbought but now I will go shopping with friends and I am the one that will come out with no bags or maybe one where as everyone else will have multiple shopping bags.

With being more conscious about my buying habits, I am really intrigued with the Life Principle of Being Resource Efficient. I want to be better about that when I go back home. I also like the Be Locally Attuned and Responsive principle. I can understand this principle in the sense of shopping locally in your community. That goes with local farmers markets or local stores. By shopping local, you are supporting the local economy and cutting down transportation costs as well as helping your neighbors. When one store or farmer are doing well then the whole community is doing well.

The C2C activity was a little challenging at first. I was somewhat confused on how to use the Waste=Food metabolisms within the window display. Some things that my learning community thought to do was to get rid of the glass window and use an open concept. That would eliminate one material and we would not have to use harsh chemicals to clean the glass. We also talked about having the mall or store using solar energy for the electricity. Another idea we had was using old clothing that would have gone to waste that did not sell by creating mannequins from them. At least building the body form from the old clothes. I liked this activity because we had to really think about what materials and resources are used in window displays and how we could make them more sustainable.

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