Blog 3

These recent lectures have focused purely on Biomimicry, Cradle to Cradle/Grave and how important it is to take what nature is already providing us and use it to benefit our lives without the harming of the environment with other ways such as up-cycling and down-cycling. Although these ways of design and reuse are creative there is no for sure way to completely eliminate all waste from our planet whether it be prevention in the future or eliminating past.

Branching off of Biomimicry, in lecture we watched a TED Talk by Michael Pawlyn on how we can take natures designs and apply them to architecture and use of new innovative designs by using three habitis found in nature such as, resource efficiency, drawing our needed energy from the sun, and closed loops. This closed loop theory inperticular was given to the class as a article about Industrial Ecology & Closed Loops in commerce, that brought light on to why we havent been using what is naturally provided for us since time began. Also brought the Indutrial Revolution in to perspective when viewing how unsustainable society has become since the inventions of machines that ran on fossil fuels and other gases that are hard to reach and harmful to both our atmoshpere and surroundings. The author Benyus described an idea of using energy wisely that i easily related to because i am becoming even more consious of the power being used not only by myself but by my comunnity such as OSU and how the campus is running off 70% of wind power makes me realize that it is very simple to conserve energy for myself since it is a non refundable resource that is needed for everything in our lifestyle.

Along with self conious usage if energy lecture brough to my attention that my everyday “recycling” habitis are not truly considered recycling if i am just pawing my reuseable waste to Stillwaters waste managment. The idea requires more effort which i have contributed within my own home by breaking down my own recyclables and taking them to a center specifically for recycling/reuse and resetting my home appliences to a low energy use suhc as my washer, AC, and reusage of common house hold items. This cradle to cradle loop has been in effect in my house hold for several years, but not for sustainable purposes but merly for reasons seen fit such as chores around the house or fashion trends of which could regather old clothing.

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