Blog 3

In lecture on Thursday I learned that not only is there the Cradle 2 Cradle concept but there is also the Cradle 2 Grave concept which uses the traditional production-consumption process but then instead of up cycling every part like the Cradle 2 Cradle process the product is disposed at the end of its use. I had not heard of this process before. The activity was very eye opening. A lot of the terms definitions or processes seem to be very similar so there are definite words you need to remember to differentiate a lot of the terms.

Michael Pawlyn’s TED Talk talks about how biomimcry has so many solutions to what they need to accomplish radical increase in resource energy, linear to closed loop, and the Sahara Forest Project. Using waste streams and converts it into a system that helps the environment and simplifies a process by making it sustainable all at once. We want to use biomimcry ideas to maximize the benefits of being sustainable. Michchael Paylyn’s TED Talk relates to the Benyus reading “Industrial Ecology & Closing the Loops by realizing that the best tools are those that nature has already invented. I think using a systems perspective is so smart and will ultimately advance our atmosphere as well as help the people in it. In my eyes, I don’t see many negative perspectives from using natural processes in the creation of human products. Our society needs to become more nature friendly. Unfortunately it might not be possible for every person to come up with the amazing new technology using organisms natural processes but the least we can do to help our atmosphere is just by being sustainable in the smallest ways. I think the simplest way is to recycle.

I try to recycle as much as I can especially on campus or in computer labs when printing papers and things of that sort. Another sustainable act I practice is not using any water bottles. I reuse a swell bottle for any drink that I drink. This helps reduce the waste of plastic water bottles. There are a lot of other practices that I would like to participate in but I seem to be less sustainable in college but I am not sure why. I think it is because I don’t really know the processes here in Stillwater to be sustainable and recycle. I am hoping this class will show me some of those processes since it seems like there are quite a few people that recycle and practice creative ways to be sustainable so I hope to learn from them. This relates to the life principles that we learned about in lecture and I am hoping I can obtain the principle to be resource efficient.

The life principle that I like is to be resource efficient. I like this because this is something that seems to be the easiest principle to accomplish on a daily basis. Making sure to recycle all recyclable materials, washing your clothes on an efficient cycle, and looking for products that have a multi-functional design are the best principles to start with when being a sustainable beginner.

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