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I think Michael Pawlyn’s Ted Talk showcased a different approach to defining what sustainability means and he took it to another level by showcasing how it could look from an architects perceptive. By taking advantage of one of our resources which is nature we can not only transform our society as whole but transform how we see architecture.

The most valuable information that I learned from my peers is how important it is to shop locally. Through purchasing items nearby it in many ways strengthens the community from an economical standpoint. Why invest in other resources when there are local and independent businesses already thriving? Making purchases online or from an outside resource may seem convenient at the time, but in the long run can effect the environment. I can definitely say that I am guilt of purchasing things online because I felt like it was more “convenient” without thinking about the consequences of my actions. Just to transport packages from one location to another is harming the environment.

From a food perspective actually buying food locally can help the environment. It has been said that buying local supports a more sustainable food system because it ensures more healthier methods of handling food. If you were to purchase local fruit you would at least know that it was grown within your community verses purchasing fruit from a grocery where the majority the fruit has been imported from various countries. In most causes these products have higher level of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on them.

With this all being said how does this relate to my current “recycling”/reuse/energy/waste/buying practices?

Ratings: 1-5

  • Recycling = 0
    • If I am being completely honestly I do not recycle things like I should. Hopefully I can break this cycle by recycling one bottle at time 🙂
  • Reuse = 3 ½
    • I am pretty average on the scale when it comes to reusing things. I try my best to reuse old containers and jars for different things.
  • Waste: 3 ½
    • I try my best not to waste unnecessary things.
  • Buying: A PERFECT 5
    • I think twice before I make any purchase these days and consider myself to be pretty frugal. Since I’ve been in college my buying practices have changed a lot. I’ve realized that those “wants” like the latest part of jeans or shoes aren’t necessarily “needs”. I do not mind going to the local thrift store to purchases things that I may need. I’ve gotten to point that if a shirt is more than $5 dollars I most likely will not purchase it lol #cheap #SavingMyMoneyAtAllCost

I think that the topics that I have discussed above tie in well with the life principle “be locally attuned and responsive”. I personally think this means that if we all are aware of the things that are going on around us…we have the opportunity to make a difference if we ALL are willing too accept change. One person advocating for using local resources can only do so much. Just image if we all came together to support local own businesses. We would only be making steps forward rather than backwards. Which would be a great!


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