Blog 3: Learning from nature

Beginning this course I thought, eh this class isn’t going to make me think any differently on sustainability.. I’m just going to go to class and continue on my way without any thoughts about how I could change my daily practices to become more sustainable, but lately I have been noticing that I have been beginning to change certain ways of doing things such as, throwing my plastic bottles in the recycling trash, conserving water when doing laundry or taking a shower, etc. I know these things seem small but I believe small actions can lead to bigger outcomes.

During week 4 lectures we learned bio mimicry is using nature as a model and industrial ecology is using nature’s principles to reduce environmental impact and increase natural capital. Learning from nature was discussed in Michael Pawlyn’s TedTalk about how habits of nature can transform architecture. Again in the closing loops in commerce reading Benyus discusses how to run a business like nature would, which is good to know in the merchandising industry. We also discussed 7 different types of waste and how people have incorporated IE in their designs such as the tree building, which changes with season, purifies air, enriches soil, etc. I learned that when creating IE design we need to ask what would nature do or not do. In class we also had to do a 2-3min presentation discussing industry practices such as shopping locally, running on information (my LC topic), and several other practices that were interesting to hear. Shopping locally is something I definitely want to practice more throughout my journey of becoming more sustainable. We also talked about waste vs. food, its hierarchy, life principles, and the difference between reuse and recycling. I really liked the discussion of reuse; I plan to incorporate this in my visual merchandising brand project.

The life principle I like the most is was being locally attuned and responsive. I liked this principle because it says to use the resources and materials around you, which is something everyone should practice. People having cars makes us think we have to go out and get something every time we need something when in reality we probably have the resources or material at home. I also learned that C2C is a design that can be broken down and reused or up cycled. This is something I want to look into more as I go into my career as a merchandiser.

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