Coming to an end

After these past four weeks of this class I got to learn about topics I never really payed attention to on a normal basis. Going into this class I had no idea what a wicked problem even was, but now leaving this class I learned that it is an issue that has no ending to it pretty much.

This last week I only got to participate on Tuesday and on that day we had a debate over if the market does a better job than the government does at transitioning to sustainability. I was on the “yes” side of this article and personally I am in between both of the articles because I feel like both sides need to take place to transition to sustainability. I feel like the government needs to take place with making this transition, but i also feel that the market should have a say as well.

Sadly, I had to miss Thursdays class, but I know we got to finish up The 11th Hour. I remember the first day of class getting to start this movie and I knew about some of the topics, but I had no clue how big of a deal those issues really were. Leaving this class, I am going to start caring more about the environment. I am going to start thinking about others first and start recycling as I go. Also trying to reuse items instead of just throwing them away unless it is needed. I will try to make sustainability a huge part of my life from now on.

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