Final blog

In my four weeks in this class i learned so much more than i thought i would. I learned about things that i never really cared as much about. But now going into my major and the classes associated i realized it is so important to look at these wicked issues of the world because we going into to either fashion or interior design have to look at the bigger picture and what we contribute to all these wicked problems. This is a class that the things i learned i will bring with me forever especially now that i know how much we as people just contribute to so many things. I want to make sure my friends and family and peers all around me think twice about all these problems and what they are doing as well. I would like to educate them about what i have learned ad what we can do to help. Even if its just the little things that is all that matters and everyone needs to know that. I would like people of all over to know that its because of us the way that the world has turned out. We are the ones that contribute to the wicked problems of this world and its up to us to solve them.

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