Final Thoughts

This course has taught me how much we are involved in creating and solving wicked problems. I entered this class not knowing what the term “wicked problems” even meant. It was a foreign concept, and throughout the course I not only began to understand the concept but began to identify wicked problems in my day to day life. I started noticing little things that I was doing that were contributing to these problems. I learned how involved each and every one of us are in both creating and solving these problems related to the planet. Throughout this class I found it interesting how much more active I became in seeking out these problems and thinking of ways I could do my part to help. I began with just little things like beginning to recycle and separate out trash at my house, to eventually trying to avoid buying environmentally unfriendly products. I learned a lot about how we as consumers play a huge role and have more power than we think in this consumer based culture because it is based off of us. The mere act of not buying something can create change, and make change happen for us. Overall I really enjoyed being able to have a chance to open my eyes to these problems, and this class really helped me to think about these wicked problems in a new perspective. Instead of looking at something as this big unsolvable issue, I learned how to break a problem down into parts and begin to view it that way in order to make the problem seem more solvable, and I hope to continue doing this and do my part to help out.

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