Finally, the END.

This past week we discussed if the government should have a say in what we tax when it comes to being more sustainable in design. I say no they shouldn’t. The government already has a control on a lot of things in our society and design is a free art of the kind and putting a limitation on what a person can make and present limits our creativity as a person. I agree with designing more sustainable though and I encourage those to do so but not all times can we design sustainable and be ourselves with creativity.

I’ve taken this course before and once again I felt as if it was unnecessary to take for my major. Personally I didn’t care for the topics that was discussed and that’s no offense to the instructor whom did a wonderful job of getting her point across and explain exactly what was expected in this semester class. I will say that I learned a lot, it made me wrap my mind around the issues of today. The ones that are overlooked and should be delt with if we care for our environment and how long we have on this planet. We would have to come together as a whole to rice these issues and that’s not going to happen because we are selfish as individuals and I fall into that category also that’s probably why I didn’t care for a lot of the topics that were discussed. The human race will never die out unless the lord come back and takes us with him. I believe these issues are part of life and not all can be fixed but I really give a big hand to those who try and fix these minor problems. The mindful practice didn’t really help me much. I personally do not enjoy activities like that but it was a calming activity. I enjoyed the sounds and the bean bags, I’m sure you can guess why. The environment of the class room is very chill and enjoyable though and I want to thank professor Armstrong for this enjoyable course and semester.

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