In The Future

The final week of Wicked Problems concluded. It’s a bittersweet moment and I really enjoyed the classes content. Though it came to an end, I am extremely happy that I won’t have to wake up for an 8am class anytime soon. In the class I learned about issues that I haven’t had the time to sit down and think about. I knew that all of the wicked problems we discussed in class was bad but I didn’t think they were as bad as they really were. I really didn’t consider the repercussions of ones actions. In the course it was a no brainer, to me, that the issue of all of these problems stem from the human complex that we are better than nature itself. We as humans need to find a way to fix and mend our doings.

In class this week we discussed the concept of direct/indirect drivers and how they related to wicked problems. For example, the topic of biodiversity loss stems from the direct driver of overexploitation. Then that direct driver is caused from the indirect driver of consumer needs. We also discussed if market or government would be better at implementing sustainable practices and how they would execute that process. In the end of that topic I believe that government should have the main say due to its power. Then implement rules across the US then the smaller jurisdictions can tailor to their needs.

In the end Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice made me more aware of things, made me more open minded to my surroundings, and to new concepts. For example, I was in Walmart shopping for groceries and I was in the spices isle. I noticed how that the packaging for one vanilla bean stem was in a glass jar. I thought how wasteful. I felt that there could be a better alternative than that glass jar. Because before I would have just thrown that away once I used that bean but now I would try and find ways to avoid buying something that I knew that I would probably end up being wasteful with. I know the vanilla bean story seemed trivial but it was something that I honestly wouldn’t have thought of if I hadn’t taken this class. I am starting to notice the little things. I feel like noticing the little things is the first step on being more mindful/sustainable.

In the future I hope to acquire more knowledge regarding sustainability. I am strongly considering in minoring in sustainable design. I just felt that it was really cool learning about sustainability and I hope to implement it in my future profession as a merchandiser.

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