Last Day

You can’t leave this class not learning and taking anything away that will help with your future & everyday life. I’m going to continue looking into different forms of mediation practices because it really help me calm my thoughts and focus. I learned that there are many wicked problems that people including me aren’t aware of. my report was over Sweatshops/Child labor.  I never knew how bad the conditions were and how young children were working in them. knowing how it personally feels having to work to help my family I feel blessed enough to be able to work under healthy conditions and be able to manage my hours. In certain countries they are forced to work because the wars destroyed everything around them and there is no source of income. In America we started groups to raise awareness and to put an end to sweatshops or to find some type of law to maintain an healthy environment. To be more sustainable I feel like we need to start with treating everyone the same. Starting with this wicked problem. I also learned that wicked problems go deeper that what meets the eye. I have to start being more aware of my surroundings and think of others instead of being selfish because if I don’t I wont know what’s going on. In the last week we talked about how to design buildings/construction and technology  to better the environment .  I feel like this generation can produce more energy saving things that will better communities . The only downfall is that we are greedy with our money . But it all starts with teaching at a young age to do things day to day that will better our future like recycling .

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