Moving forward with Wicked Problems

In the last weeks of class we discussed many ways to move forward.
Before last weeks class I had no idea that the creation of buildings put off harsh chemicals into our air. In my home town Sand Springs they are constantly shutting down one building and creating a new one, for the same exact business. If building a new place if worse for the environment why continue to do it?
In group discussion we talked about how love can be the biggest help. When asked how we felt about this I said it was a good idea if we focused more on love instead of the gree over money. Another girl stated that it wouldn’t help getting rid of money. Getting rid of money isn’t what I suggest but more of getting rid of the desire for money to be the most important thing.
On the yes team, our author discussed how he believed the United States needed a cap-and-trade to lead the world. I believe the cap and trade is a good idea because it does have its benefits but like everything it does have its downfalls. Even with a cap and trade earth is still being polluted. It doesn’t stop it, it only increases the money the government makes from it. If companies can just sell their caps and pollute more, than what is this really solving? If there even a way to solve pollution? Is cap-and-trade just another way to make money?

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