Moving forward

The past four weeks have been nothing what I had expected coming into this course. I have retained so much knowledge about sustainability than I would have in an environmental science course. This class has taught me so much about the real world and what is expected to come if we keep living that way we have been. I have also really enjoyed the mindfulness practices that we do in each class. I hope to continue doing this in my daily routine.

Moving forward, I hope to not just find solutions that pertain to my major, but I hope to incorporate it to my everyday life. Just like “voting” meaning we choose what to buy or use that will affect our environment. It can be the smallest things that help out.

Another way I want to incorporate this is by educating others around me. I think letting people know the cause and effect of most of the production in crucial. Unfortunately DHM majors are the only ones that are required to take this class, but I think that is could be beneficial to any major. There is always some kind of sustainable practice with every field.


About dqcompclass

I'm from Broken Arrow, OK, I'm a Business Management Major, and I'm an Alpha Chi.
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