My Journey So Far

The past four weeks have been filled with so much knowledge, much more than I ever expected. Coming into college, and all my classes I really did not know what all was in store for me. On the first day of class, walking in and seeing the bean bags I thought, “oh this is different”. Sitting down and watching the first half of “The 11th Hour” was just the beginning. I have learned and grown in knowledge about all sorts of issues from global warming to building designs, and how I have a role in all of this.

Coming to college I wasn’t really educated in issues happening in the world and didn’t see how I am a part of it. From talking about globalization, over consumption, environmental degradation, and more I have learned and discussed how wicked problems like these are connected to what we do here in our everyday lives.

Something that hit me this past week involving me and my life was when we watched the rest of “The 11th Hour” and they talked about how us as consumers can take a stand against industries. I have always been somewhat mindful in this area, for example, growing up my mom would only buy cage free eggs. She has instilled in me about paying attention to brands and what they stand for and how they make their products. But I never processed that I can take a stand by not purchasing certain products and make it know to leaders in America that what industries do and how it degrades the environment is bad and needs to stop.

Throughout this class I have learned so much, but more importantly how I will use sustainability in my daily life as well in my future career. Daily things like saving water, recycling and being conscious of what I buy. For my future career, discovering fabrics to help decline landfill issues. Creating short lived products focused towards sustainability. My future career has the opportunity to play a part in the future of this planet. That is a thought I never knew was possible before this class. I am thankful for this class and all the growth that has come from it, and I am excited to see what all more I will learn and accomplish with being mindful and using sustainability in my life.

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