Now What?

The final class came and went, like everything it all happened so fast. Despite this being one of the shortest courses I’ve ever heard of, I probably learned more in this class than any of my others at the moment.

This final week I was introduced to the topic of biomimicry, now if you’re not aware this idea is genius. This is a concept in which a building is made to imitate a tree. In this form all energy used would be renewable and most of what is used will be reusable it was honestly incredible to hear that this was possible. The fact that I’m 18 years old and I just heard of this kind of blew my mind too. Considering that I am an interior design major this gave me so much hope for my future, for the things that I could do with my degree in order to be able to apply this concept to my profession.

I learned this topic from the last couple of minutes of the 11th Hour, but I also gained so much from it. During the class I truly blamed people for the way our world is becoming: for the natural disasters, for global warming, for their lack of awareness. I guess you could say I was angry that I’d have to try to fix what they all ruined. However there was a quote that I got from the movie in which one of the professionals says, “people are just doing the best that they can given their level of awareness”. It’s true, I just learned most of these things so how could I expect everyone to know so much?

At this point, I know that while it is our fault as humans we can still work to fix it. Biomimicry for me seems like the way to go.

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