“People do the best they can given their level of awareness.”

Wicked Problems ran its course, figuratively and literally, and did provide insight into several topics I had barely touched on in other classes. At the end, I’ve been able to look back and notice how this course was presented; first watching a film over climate change and poorly chosen human patterns of waste, then read an about a civilization who flourished off it’s natural resources but eventually collapsed from lack of better judgment for more sustainable and waste savvy ideas, then discussed how we were in a similar, somewhat drowning boat in more ways than one, now we’ve reached the end where our main focus was to understand a derive the causes for a wicked problem related to our industry of study, mine being merchandising. I successfully see the importance of this course and it’s relevance to what I have chosen for a career, fashion and western values concerning clothing and appearance contributes to a wide variety of problems we face on our Earth from cycles of waste. For me, I don’t think I was as nervous or for lack of a better word, scared, by these problems we face. I am rather hopeful in the future generations to come up with sustainable alternatives that work with nature instead of just using her. In the 11th Hour, one of the guest speakers said, “People do the best they can given their level of awareness”. If we make these problems global and start to manufacture a certain level of fear in humans, there can be a silver lining. Most of us don’t want to see or contribute to the demise of this beautiful planet so maybe we just lack the proper information on how to help or just how IMPORTANT our help is. I think the solutions to many of the problems we face our readily available in minds of the upcoming generations but how will they know if we don’t guide them to use these God given skills to save our Earth? For myself, a short-term goal I created to help ease my footprint is recycling clothing with friends and donating. Long-term goals are to maybe advance in a career with a company that practices eco-friendly and sustainable designs. One last thing before I submit my final blog for this course, why is a class based on sustainable design technology free? Aren’t we being wasteful by not doing everything online? Just my thoughts for the future. I did enjoy Wicked Problems and can see this course impacting several choices in my life over the next few years.

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