Thank you Dr. Armstrong!!

I can’t believe I am sitting here writing my last blog post, these four weeks went by so fast! It’s crazy how much someone can grow and change in such a short amount of time. When I walked into class on the first day I had no day I had no idea what a wicked problem was, and now I just turned in a nine page essay on the topic. My essay was over sweatshops and I never realized what goes on behind closed doors. These workers are mentally and physically abused, paid extremely low wages, and work in horrible conditions, some have even died on the job because of factory fires. I knew about sweatshops prior to my essay, but I didn’t realize how common they are, big brands such as Adidas, Converse, Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Wal-mart, Forever 21, Nike, Columbia, and many more use unethical practices in their factories. I mention these companies because I had an internship lined up with one of these companies, but I don’t feel right supporting a company that participates in such cruel practices. I would like to start looking for an internship that doesn’t use sweatshop labor and also uses sustainable design.

I truly believe I was able to grasp the concept of a wicked problem and have already been able to apply it into my everyday life. In my DHM-1433 class my professor was talking about cotton and then asked the class if anyone was in Wicked Problems, when I raised my hand he asked me if I could share with the class some of the problems associated with cotton. Even though I was put on the spot, I was able to educate my classmates on the problems associated with cotton because of what I had learned in class. I have in cooperated mindful meditation into my life as well. I try to meditate every other morning to prepare myself for the day, I would eventually like to meditate every morning but I still need more practice before I feel comfortable doing it everyday. The changes I have made so far are pretty small, but will have a bigger impact as time goes on. The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that I am really considering minoring in sustainable design. I have always loved nature and fashion and I can’t think of a better way to bring those two things together. I have had such a unique and eye-opening experience in this class and I would hate to see it end here. This class has sparked an interest in my and I would really like to continue on learning about how I can contribute to a more sustainable industry. It’s almost embarrassing to look back and realize how oblivious I was just a few weeks back. I am by no means an expert when it comes to sustainability, but now I have to tools to keep on growing and learning more about myself and the environment. A quote that really stuck out to me through out this entire class is that “The Earth will survive, humans won’t”, I really like this quote because it demonstrates how the time to make a change is now! In the beginning I was overwhelmed and worried about the future, but now I feel inspired and have hope that we will be able to resolve this mess. Even though it is the end of this class, it is just the beginning of my sustainability journey.

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