The Beginning of the Beginning

As our final week of Wicked Problems came to an end, I was left with many things to think about. We finally go to finish the rest of the 11th hour and really focused on solutions which I gladly prefer rather than talking about all of the depressing problematic stuff. To be completely honest, talking about how the world and everything on it is going to die if we don’t do something to save it really stresses me out so that’s kind of how I ended up feeling about the class but, I think I probably feel like that because of the amount of guilt I feel.

Maybe that was the point of this class, though. To stress the fact that, when it comes to these wicked problems, nobody is guilt free. Everyone has an impact and everyone has the ability to make a change. No matter how small you think you may be, you always have the ability to make a difference. Just like in class when we talked about the impact consumers have on the manufacturing cycle. Even though consumes believe themselves to be powerless in the situation, they are arguably the most important part of the cycle and hold the most power in terms of change.

This class has definitely made me look at the world through a new set of eyes. Not everything is black and white like I previously thought it was. Sometimes, a little more thought needs to be given to the kinds of problems discussed in this class. This is a lesson I have learned that I will carry with me wherever I go.

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