The End:)

This past weeks Yes No argument was one for the books. It was a very difficult topic to understand so much of the material I had read had escaped me when we started the argument. However, after the argument started and seeing the Yes sides argument I started to notice that the problem we were discussing was much more wicked than I had anticipated. Technically, the government was involved in both parties and that made both arguments invalid, which I thought was pretty funny.

The end of the 11th hour was a eye opening experience. I enjoyed the movie as a whole, seeing the adverse effects that we have as humans on our environment. I was glad to see that so many people had came together to make the video we all enjoyed this past 4 weeks. Overall I would say that the solutions presented in the video offer many roads for discussion. They were not all the same they were each different coming from different perspectives which was something that helped me think outside the box and look at different possibilities. Not only did the video inform me on the problems we face in our environment it also showed me how urgent each one of them is. Stating that this is the 11th hour 59 minutes in and we are at the 59th second before 12 o clock strikes. That painted an extremely vivid picture, climate change is a problem we let get too far ahead before thinking about doing something about it. Unfortunately it seems we are too far in to do something yet, whether we know it or not our government is doing something about it.


This course was an extremely interesting course. The way it was set up made me challenge my mind in ways I hadnt thought possible. From the meditations to the fast pace of the course I was challenged from start to finish. I enjoyed the bean bag chairs as it added a nice touch to the class. Most college courses are done sitting in desks and I thought it was very fitting of a DHM class to have chairs just as creative as the students in it. I enjoyed this class and would recommend it to others with an importance on doing the work and actually coming to class prepared. Im sad that it is coming to an end because I do not think that I will have another class as interesting as this one.

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