The End but Not an End

Starting this class I thought it was going to be just another workload I did not want to do because I had no idea what “Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice” was.  In the end it was very interesting. I have always loved learning about climate change and global warming because it is effecting our environment as we speak. It baffles me still how there is loads of information and videos on this topic and still people do not believe that it is happening.

For me personally, at first I had no idea how this would pertain to fashion merchandising but it actually has a lot to do with it. We talked about how the jobs we look forward to having one day are basically destroying the environment and causing serious issues for the world we live in. I understand some of the solutions but some of them are little extreme just because I would not understand. At the very end of the 11th Hour they talked about solutions that industries, government, and the people could make to help climate change. Some of the solutions they talked about were a little scary to me just because I do not know if I would be comfortable. The one that made me nervous was the solar power airplane. If you were flying somewhere where there was no sun how would the plane keep a large amount of power to keep flying. I just had a lot of questions on how things would work if we cut back on using fossil fuels. Which is why I think people do not understand how to do sustainable practicing. I definitely feel we should have more awareness on this topic because of the impact. I really enjoyed everything I learned in this class and hope I continue to learn more in the future.

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