The End (but not really)

When I enrolled for this class, I had no idea what a wicked problem. I would not have even guessed that it had anything to do with sustainability. After spending four weeks in the class, I can say that I truly have a much better understanding of sustainability and what wicked problems are and how they are wicked. We have spent time going in depth about specific wicked problems throughout the class and now I feel comfortable in determining what is a wicked problem and I also feel much more motivated to try and do something about it.

In class on Tuesday, we had another discussion over a “taking sides” article asking if the market does better than the government at transitioning to sustainability. I was on the “yes” side of this article but I have to say that I agreed more than the “no” side. I believe that it is important for either side to contribute to a more sustainable future, however, I believe that the government should be doing more to enforce sustainability because then people along with companies and such are required by law to act accordingly. For example, I think that the government could regulate what kind of energy we are using to make sure that we are being as sustainable as possible. We could use as much wind and water energy as possible. Some may argue that this would be more expensive and people would not go for it, but I think that spending more money is going to benefit us more in the future making it very worth it.

On Thursday we finished the movie The 11th Hour. I absolutely loved this movie/documentary and found it to be very insightful. The first day of class we watched the movie and paid attention to the different wicked problems it talked about and why those problems might be wicked. This time we watched the second half of the movie to learn possible solutions that there might be for these problems. Some people suggested things like placing a polluters tax on people who pollute because if it is going to cost them money then they are probably not going to do it. One of my favorite concepts that could be a possible solution is biomimicry. This concept is just basically saying that animals do not have access to materials like we do, so they make things natural from what they can either naturally create or what they find around them. As humans, we could probably create things naturally and more sustainably if we just looked at the earth and animals around us for inspiration. I find that to be a very fascinating idea or concept.

This class has inspired me so much to be more aware and conscious of what I am contributing to wicked problems in our world. I love my planet and I, along with everyone else, should be doing more to show that love. I want to help make a change, and although I know that I cannot fix these problems on my own there is so much I can do to start something or spread the word. Being aware of these issues are probably the most important step in actually taking a change, because if people are not aware then they will not even know that there is something they should be doing to make it better. I will take a step into living a more sustainable life and making sure everyone around me knows why.

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