Well, now what?

These past four weeks I learned many new things while also solidifying facts that I already knew that have supported my way of life. I have always strived to be “green” as possible and have taken many environmental classes before, but this one was different while rather focusing on the scientific principles of the environment, we focused on what can be done to stop the issues and deeply thinking about how on our own we can better connect to the earth.


One of the biggest ways the world can move on from all the issues and help the environment is to stop concentrating and over analyzing the issue, but rather concentrate on finding a solution. There is a constant move to fully understand a problem then come up with a solution that fits the research for solving it. While, this may work in some issues, environmental degradation is something that will consume the world before it is done being explored. A term brought up in class through mindfulness, “receptive attention” is especially important to incorporate into a non-judgmental way of healing the world.


Mindfulness is also an excellent way forward to improve not only the environment, but also one’s quality of life. Through the practice of meditation of questioning of oneself, there can be a better connection between human and nature. This is increasing important to become intrinsic because of the amount of technology readily available and growing by the day. Mindfulness may not be a solution directly within itself, but it can be a catalyst for the users of the practice to become more sustainable and advocates.


Industry, government, and individual issues with sustainability, were all brought up with blame and ideas of how to improve the practices of them. While, each should not singularly be blamed for the environmental issues, all can be used as a component to better sustainability efforts. All three must be used within their circle of influence to have a greater change. Though, all three cause the environmental degradation they all three are needed to change which is the biggest takeaway from the last four weeks.


Now for myself, I continue to ask how I can better my actions for the environment. Positive things that I currently do is that I am a vegetarian, an avid recycler, and outspoken about my views on environmental issues. While these may be, significant I continue to ponder how I, a young college student, can better the environment and inspire others to do the same. I may not mind walking an extra few minutes to recycle a piece of paper rather than throw it away, many of my peers choose the option closest to them, though I do wonder if it is due to lack of knowledge of options and that throwing something away does not mean that it is gone. These ideas stress me out, but get me wondering how I can rid the ignorance of some of my peers. Though, I may be a small student my voice can be heard and I have decided to further my advocacy towards simple recycling of all possible items. I also will strive to continue this in my fashion career as I hope to work on a more sustainable fashion industry.


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