As this class is coming to an end I have to say this past week was one of my favorites. I again was on the ‘No’ side of the argument for greenhouse building. The main focus of this article was how much it would cost to make each building go green and how that is a major factor holding us back. I feel that making buildings go green is a great idea to help the environment, but we need to come to an understanding that if we want to go green we need to make helping the environment an easy process rather than one we dread.

I really enjoyed the end of the 11th Hour. I liked learning about the ideas of how we can be sustainable in the future, rather than how terrible we are making the earth. The idea of how we need to look to nature to make things more sustainable is so fascinating to me. The example of the spider is what really made me realize how terrible we treat the earth. The spider makes things so simple with just water and itself and we as humans are using hurtful components such as heat that damage our environment.

When I started this class I thought it was going to be really stupid and I was going to dread going to it so much. As I am now finished with this course I am starting to see the way I do things so differently. I went to Braum’s the other day and got my usual chocolate almond shake and when I pulled up to the window to receive my drink I realized that they had changed their cups. It is now in a styrofoam cup rather than paper. For the first time in my life I thought about how destructive that cup is for the environment and that I bet the reason they switched is because that the styrofoam cup is cheaper. Then I thought this styrofoam cup that does not decompose has replaced a paper cup which does and is recycled all because it was probably cheaper to buy. I was holding a wicked problem in my hand. 4 weeks ago that thought would have never crossed my mind.

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